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Empathy Canvas

In today’s stressful life of ours, we usually have a habit of either forgetting or misplacing 

our important belongings. We end up spending lot of time to trace the lost things or at times we 

lose it forever. Things that we are not able to find at required moment loses its value. For example a 

document required for an interview if not traceable on the day of interview, it is likely to happen 

that we incidentally find it after a week or later. 

The above such incidences are supported by the well known Murphy’ Law which can be rewritten 

as, ‘‘anything that can be lost will be lost’’. 

In these empathy mapping we had to choose the anyone user ,then on bases user ,we have to write stakeholders which the user see daily ,then assuming that we are that user then we have then we have seek his emotion i.e we have to write two Happy story ,i.e story which describe his happy feeling and similarly we have to write the story we describe his sad story ,it was easy task we just need to thing the situation of the user and on the based on these situations we had to write the both story

Surveying project (3-10-17)

On these we have to perform project on field, we have reached the in lab at 8:30 ,at there we had explained about 2 project that we are going to do , after explanation we took all the instrument necessary for the surveying project and the reached on field , then we established stations and after that we measured chainage and offsets and then we measured angle with theodolite and after completion of first project we have given rest for half an hour


Now we have to do our next project of developing curves on field then we were divide in group we have done all the necessary calculation previous only within 30-40 minutes we were able to complete all curves  then after one of the students went on terrace and click the photos of curves that was develop on field ,then we click the group photo with faculty and this how our both project were completed.

OZONE DAY ( 16-9-17)

Ozone is one of the most important gas which protect human form ultra-violet ray and also other harmful gases, so it is important to make awareness about ozone gas and also save it from depleting is our duty towards nature,So to create this awarness among people ,from civil engineering department ,ME student organised function to spread knowlege about ozone gas

the students have prepared and presented a detail information on ozone gas, where it is located,percentage of gas in atmosphere and etc, the had also made a model on the particular day in support for ozone gas



So another event we had on that day was poster making.We had to make poster on the topic provided. The topics were gst,save wildlife . Our college representative chose the topic save wildlife.

He brought such a new and beautiful way to save pandas which are now being extinct.And yes I definitely agree that” IN THIS COLORFUL WORLD BLACK AND WHITE IS STILL A CLASSIC.” A poster worth winning price.